Heartbreaking beautiful photoseries

The ultimate fight against breastcancer This gave me teary eyes. This loving man made a heartbreaking, sincere and beautiful photoseries of his woman fighting breastcancer. I just saw this series a few minutes… Continue reading

Beautiful Afrohair

I’ve always had something with this wonderful puffy hairstyle. Afrohair, I just love it! Unfortunately I’m not blessed with powerful, fierce afro hair but dreaming away while looking at these pictures is a… Continue reading

Chuppy, The Photogenic Dog

After all this X-factor, This definitely has the ‘Aahw-factor.’ Let me introduce you to Chuppy, he is the photogenic dog. His 17-year old owner  Jessica Trinh from California takes the pictures.  Taking pictures is… Continue reading

Beautiful Editorial

 (via Visual Optimism)

Swimming in Jellyfish Lake, Palau

Thanks to this video I added something to my bucket list. I think I would be scared to death, since I think it’s so slimy but anyway, swimming with Jellyfish it is! This… Continue reading

Giraffe Manor

Giraffe Manor…can someone wake me up? Or better set me up for a trip down there? A luxury boutique hotel located 12 miles outside of Nairobi that is, set up by the African… Continue reading

Creative Commercial Advertisement

While surfing on the net I was pleasantly surprised by some very creative ideas about advertising. It’s clever, commercial and above all effective. Brillant! Photos via Digitalbusstop.

Slums Skyhigh!

Nguyen Manh Hung was born in Hanoi, capital of Vietnam and raised in a small flat. Because of this he forced himself to think about living space dor people and how this could help… Continue reading

Shiny Ponies: Shoe Heaven @ J Crew

We love shoes but Jenna Lyons loves shoes. And when I say loves shoes, I mean LOVES shoes! All of her 289 pairs to be exact. When the style icon talks about the inspiration behind and the making of… Continue reading

Curly Curls

Unfortunately I´m not blessed with a full bunch of hair, though with some help and a shiny bright colour the trick can be done. Inspired by these photos I tried my new curling… Continue reading