Looping Bridge, Sarajevo

Some Design Students created this amazing bridge. A looping bridge! Adnan Alagić, Bojan Kanlić and Amila Hrustić won the competition for the design of the bridge five years ago while studying at the Academy of Fine… Continue reading

Balloon Dresses

Dresses made by Rie Hosokai and Takashi Kawada, they work under the name Daisy Balloon. It may be not very wearable but it’s very original, I love it! Source

Heat-Sensitive Table

This table responds to heat. It can be your bodyheat or a cup of hot tea. It will show where the heat was going on…well was the one who sat there before you… Continue reading

Luxurious villa in the sun

Hope you all had a great NYE! I guess a virus has struck me down, I’m having a cold and looking outside my window doesn’t really make me that much happier. So I… Continue reading

Happy Newyear!

I wish u all a very happy new year! For me it has been a year full of ups and downs but most of all filled With chances and dreams. Some of them… Continue reading

Merry Christmas!

I wish everybody a merry Christmas. Enjoy it to the fullest with your loved ones! Love, Danie. LifestyleAmour

Magnificent Ice Miracles

The miracles of nature on our planet are not to be counted, you just have to know where to find them! Here’s ten times a beautiful ICY miracle! Blue River, Greenland – Go kayaking… Continue reading

Gummy Bear Lamp

A lamp made out of 3000 gummy bears, who doesn’t love it?! Well I personally don’t, I am not such a huge fan of these candy bears, but when I saw this lamp… Continue reading

Colourful Rooms by Carlos Cruz-Diez

Artist Carlos Cruz-Diez loves to experiment with colours. That’s whats definitely to be seen in this colourful pr0ject. You can walk through rooms full of colour. No painted walls, no lights. Red, Green and Blue… Continue reading

National Geographic, our wonderful planet photo series

Creme de la creme, yes the photographers from National Geographic are the ones that make the most amazing pictures of our beautiful planet. Here for you a selection of breathtaking photos!