Funny Christmas Hairdo

Christmas is the time of the year when we decorate the house, the garden and we all dress up. What about hairdo’s, well here’s a special one. What about a reindeer in your… Continue reading

Most Bizar Fashionshows

Fashiondesigners can go crazy in their designs and create things that only exist in their mind. And yes, really create. For designers with a gigantic budget nothing is impossible. Here’s a selection of… Continue reading

Beauty of Nature

These pictures were made by an unknown photographer. But what beauty this is, when Lava floats into the ocean!   Source

Incredible Cakes

Wow! Actually these are almost too pretty to be eaten, but they do look delicious, don’t they?! But…I found some of the recipes for you so you can make them over and over… Continue reading

Creative Christmas Trees!

Are you getting into the Christmas mood already? I have to say, I am! Since the first snow fell last week the whole country’s getting ready! And it’s nice and cosy to have… Continue reading

Totems by Alain Delorme

These photo’s of photographer Alain Delorme, they just made me smile. The bright colours and the setting of the bikes are simply amazing, just fantastic. The Totems series plunges us into the core of contemporary China… Continue reading

Photospread for W Magazine

Keira Knightley & Scarlett Johansson for W Magazine W Magazine invited four actrices to represent fashion from the last 4 decennia. Keira Knightley, Scarlett Johansson, Mia Wasikowska en Rooney Mara are the faces… Continue reading

DIY Studded Blouse

There’s studs everywhere! Shoes, bags, bracelets, pants and blouses. And yes, you can DIY, do it yourself! You’ll need studs and a blouse! The studs will have little pins at the back, when… Continue reading

Artistic photos, paintsplash!

It’s art to make photos on the exact same moment as when the magic happens. Well Ian Crawford doesn’t need those Lucky Shots. He has got the talent to really do it! These pictures made of models… Continue reading

Mahajaras’ Express, a luxury trip through India.

Who’s planning to visit India but isn’t so much for the backpacking can now go for a very luxurious trip through India with Mahajaras’ Express. Buy a ticket for the Maharajas’ Express, the most… Continue reading