Sweet and Sugar; Candyhotel Soho London for one day!

In this hotel in Soho London the wall, windows and carpet may be eaten… Welcome to the Candyhotel in London! Walls made out of Macarons, floor made out of meringues, windowsills of fudge… Continue reading

Crystal Clear Earcuffs

This season Dries Van Noten sent nine of his models down the runway with ears encrusted with irregularly shaped pieces of crystals. Make up artist Peter Philips adhered the crystals with glue and placed each and… Continue reading

Cutest Teacups, Happy Valentine’s Day!

Aren’t these cups the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen. I love them! Happy valentine’s day everyone! (teacup sets available at Etsy) Source  

A new season, so a new Wardrobe! Guestblog for ‘Wat vrouwen willen’

Guestblog for watvrouwenwillen We can add a new guestblogger to our ‘Wat Vrouwen Willen’ team (What women want). Her name is Danielle van Berkom. Weekly she will write about the newest fashiontrends and… Continue reading

Chanel Vernis, or isn’t it?

I found this amaaaaazing thing. It looks like a bottle of Chanel Vernis, but no, the eye’s fooled…. It’s an Iphone Cover! Order yours here or on Etsy!

Top 10 best travel places for 2013

1. Sri Lanka Cut-price paradise back on the map For May and June I’ve got an option for some gigs in Sri Lanka during 2 whole weeks. I’m hoping it to come through.… Continue reading

DIY: Pimp your legging in the new bold hype!

Here’s a lovely, simple DIY on how to create the bold legging inspired on the latest hype! The only thing you’ll need is: – needle and thread in the colour of the garment… Continue reading

DSquared S/S 2013

I adore the new collection of many designers, one I ran into was the DSquared Collection for Spring Summer 2013. Definitely a matter of GO LEATHER, GO BOLD, and add some GOLD! Enjoy!… Continue reading

Home Deco Trends 2013

While there are many home decor 2013 trends, I’ve collected a few of the most talked about in the design industry for this year to colour up your home! by www.fancyhouseroad.com Gold finishes throughout… Continue reading

Creative Patience

You need to be creative and very, very patient if you want to do what this man does!  Miguel Endara creates art, drawings, portraits by drawing dots. Millions of dots together, and there’s your… Continue reading