Bling in the rain!

  From now on walk the rain instyle! No more singing in the rain, no, it’s blinging in the rain! ‘Il Marchesato’ makes exclusive high quality umbrellas with love and passion. The umbrellas… Continue reading

World’s first washable gold cloth

If you’re thinking about a present to a person who has everything, then here’s a perfect example created by the Swiss engineers from EMPA – a 24k gold fabric that is very durable… Continue reading

Autumn Soups, Yum!

Autumn is here, it’s getting colder outside, dark and rainy. If you ask me there’s nothing better than having a nice warm cup of soup. It doesn’t take long to make soup which… Continue reading

Sunday Baking Day: PERFECT Chocolate Chip Cookies

When I say perfect, I mean PERFECT chocolate chip cookies. The woman who made this recipe used to have her own cookie business and made it her mission to find the best chocolate… Continue reading

Barbie and Ken Party

This is a photoshoot done by Ellen von Umwerth for VS Magazine. Barbie and Ken steal the show and were captured while they’re enjoying their luxurious lifestyle. It seems to have a little… Continue reading

A creative cup of coffee…or tea!

You do not suspect a thing, you take a zip and… then all of a sudden you find an octopus in your cup of coffee!  Or a shark, a crocodile… It’s just amazing… Continue reading

Real art!

Artists Tim Noble en Sue Webster create art from garbage. They use wood that other people throw away to make the craziest sculptures. Only ’till you turn of the light. The crazy sculptures then turn… Continue reading

8 mysterious places on earth!

In for some adventure? Take a journey to one of these strange and mysterious places on earth! The top 8: 1. The Bermuda Triangle – Area between Bermuda, Puerto Rico and Miami. Many… Continue reading

Floating on water in a hottub, meet the HotTug!

This Jacuzzi, hottub is a Dutch design and it’s fantastic! It’s called the ‘HotTug’. In this boat you can carry yourself and some friends, or your lover around in a bathtub on water!… Continue reading

Photo inspiration: Our beautiful planet

This world is just simply amazing, it’s beautiful! Each piece of this world has got it’s own charms. We should able to see it all, which is not possible for everyone of us.… Continue reading