Never lose your important stuff again with this Finder gadget!

First thing I thought when I read about this gadget was… I’ve got to have that!

It’s so handy, and I always put my keys, phone or whatever else somewhere in a rush because I forgot to take something and only a few moments later I cannot remember where I just put the damn thing! Recognizable?

Then this gadget is also something for you. It brings your items right back to you!

You just get a sticker from the paper, put that sticker on the thing you lose all the time. Then name it on the gadget.
Next time you don’t know where you just left your keys, put the name of the object in the gadget and it will guide you to your lost object!

Few devices propose such a simple and user-friendly solution as this one, though, by Chu Wang, Qiujin Kou, Qian Yin & Yonghua Zhang – the RFID tracking sticker is nothing special, but the gadget that goes with it is just great.

The main terminal helps direct you in three-dimensional space tower the missing object, guiding with arrows then highlighting with circles while showing the distance to your destination, all in the compact shape of a smartphone!

I love it!