A new season, so a new Wardrobe! Guestblog for ‘Wat vrouwen willen’

Guestblog for watvrouwenwillen

We can add a new guestblogger to our ‘Wat Vrouwen Willen’ team (What women want). Her name is Danielle van Berkom. Weekly she will write about the newest fashiontrends and lifestyle. Next to that she will add reports of her travels when performing because of her job as an artist/violinist. We are very pleased you are going to write for us. Danielle you’re very welcome in our team !

A new season, so a new wardrobe!

New season’s coming and that means new fashion! It also means going through your closet, cleaning up and add some pieces where needed. Some trends as shown on the catwalk at the moment will have to wait for now, but how delightful is it to enjoy and crave for the sun to appear. Next to it all it’s easy to know what the coming seasons have got to offer so the adding proces can begin and we can throw ourselves in sale. I’ll line up the coming trends for you and will tell you exactly what may stay in the closet. But first I’d like to introduce myself to you.


My name is Danielle van Berkom, artist/violinist is my profession and I am a fashionlover by heart. I live in the south of The Netherlands but I’m often away from home. In the last two years I’ve visited many nice, beautiful and interesting places all over the world. During my job as an artist my love for fashion grew enormously. My wardrobe as it is now is one of my biggest prides, not to talk about my shoe closet. To give you a little idea, I am piling up my shoes eight rows high and in general about one or more pair of shoes are added monthly. A true addiction is what I may call it.

My closet is filled with glitters, sequins, beads and leather. These clothes are very suitable for on stage but in my opinion I don’t need an occasion to wear glitters. Conspicuous clothing combined with nice shoes, with a heel please, I preferrably wear every day. My job as an artist is a job full of variation. This varies from travelling at night and sleeping during the day to eating at 4 at night in a hotel on the coast or on an army base.

Violinist and a blog

Every time is something different and special. I am a violinist with my own company with the name ‘Class! violin sensation’ (www.classvs.com), besides I play in an electric stringquartet called The Exclusive Strings (www.exclusivestrings.com) With the quartet we travel all around the world but the emphasis is on The Netherlands and Belgium and I love that.

In 2011 I lived in Nice for a while, in the South of France. I was away from home a lot and every now and then I still miss Nice. The climat and the habits there are fantastic, but there was a lot to get used to as well. I’ve learned a lot and I’ve seen the most beautiful places. Yet I really appreciate it that I often have got performances in The Netherlands or in Belgium now, after the gig I’ll sleep in my own bed. Living from a suitcase is now always as restful.

Next to my job I study Lifestyle Concept&Branding. This is a merketingstudy focussed on the the lifestyle sector. It concerns developing concepts, build up marketingstrategies, trendwatching and trendspotting. To do so I often visit stores for example, I love to surround myself with pretty things. To develop myself even more and to get inspired I love to visit stores, exchanges and  cities. I think it’s so much fun to share this with you !

Foto 1 Bewerkt
Season Ready

That’s why this week I bring you this fun and handy aid in how to get your wardrobe season ready. It’s handy to know what may keep hanging in the closet for a little while longer. For all other things you don’t find in your closet it might be a good idea to have a look for it in sale.

All metallic colours as gold and silver are here to stay, combined with big oversized accessories this will make a very trendy outfit. Is it a little too much for you? Then grab a metallic belt or big bracelets for example. Also a scarf with metallic details can give your outfit an enormous boost. Where until some years ago it was a big taboo to wear a big bracelet and a necklace ánd a ring, it now is certainly okay to do so. The bolder and bigger the better. In the new Dsquared collection  these trends were perfectly combined. Exaggeration is no crime!

Foto 2 Bewerkt

Leather and leather details is a trend that’s also here to stay. The basic black and brown is always a good choice but this spring and summer collection we saw that leather can get a whole different dimension as in the show of Rebecca Taylor. Leather often shows heavy and a bit wintry, it seems not to be the most suitable material for spring or summer.

After seeing the shows I was pleasantly surprised. Leather came by in whole new colours. I can’r wait ’till I can grab a nice item myself. Also Proenza Schouler gave us a whole new vision on leather. A sportive touch is something we’ll be seeing often in the seasons that are to come. With a pair of nice sneakers, a nice cap, hat or a nice tough sweater your outfit will get just that little waft of sportivity.

Foto 3 Bewerkt

Graphic fantasyprints and animal pictures still are an enormous hit. Whether the prints are black/white or coloured, the animals are processed in animalprint or there’s a whole animal printed on the garment. Everything is possible and everything is allowed. Also the combination with pastels in this trend was seen much.

 Foto 4 Bewerkt

We also keep the black and white trend  with us. Don’t throw away those basic items! Black trousers, a white shirt and big ‘n bold jewellery are enough to create a trendy outfit. For a healthy dose of inspiration we’ll look at the show of Marc Jacobs.


Foto 5 Bewerkt

Have you missed the stripes, the marine trend the last couple of seasons? Well there’s good new for you then! The stripestrend is back!  At Michael Korts were a lot a stripes to be seen on the catwalk.

You still have a nice top or blouse in the closet? don’t throw it away, combine it with a nice jeans for the sportive marine look.

Foto 6 Bewerkt

 Glitter top, sequin skirt or dress? don’t put it awayfor next Christmas. Sequins are totally hot according to the latest trends. They make comby with some basic pieces for a perfect everyday outfit.

Don’t be scared of some glitter here and there, this season it’s all allowed!

Foto 7 Bewerkt

 Not to miss is the combination of pastels and neon colours. Neon yellow, pinks, greenm orange, pastelorange or seagreen. The coloured the better! You want to go with this trend but don’t want to go crazy?

Do just as I do, choose for neon details and accessoiries. These two neon bags and the neon jewellery are from Primark. So that’s the proof right here, trendy doesn’t have to be expensive!

Foto 8 Bewerkt

Next week: Performance in Paris

This week I leave to Paris for a performance. Of course my high heels are joining me. I’ll use my eyes carefully to be able to tell you all ins and outs about the newest trend on fashion and interior decoration. Next week I’ll share with you my experiences and I’ll tell you my ‘best-kept secrets’ of Paris. Some nice hotels, boutiques and other things you must have seen!

If you might have questions of suggestions you’re welcome to pass them through daniellevb@live.nl or info@classvs.com.

I wish you all a wonderfull week!