DIY: Pimp your legging in the new bold hype!


Here’s a lovely, simple DIY on how to create the bold legging inspired on the latest hype!

The only thing you’ll need is:

– needle and thread in the colour of the garment

– glue, this can be done with a glue gone or textile/garment glue

– studs and jewels like Swarovski and metal to sew and glue on

Then think about the pattern and places you want to get your embellishment en take it away!

Here’s what I created this way. It’s a Pinko legging. Thought it was boring and I never wore it, so I decided to take it to the next level. Took of some studs from another blouse that I wasn’t wearing anymore, ordered some more and bought jewels in store.

I decided I wanted to pockets and the leg to be “jewelled”. Starting with pockets since that was a place measured out with stitches already. I sew on the studs and glued on the jewels.

Nect up I decided along the way what I wanted the legs to look like. Same way I stitched and glued the pieces on. And here’s what it’s become!