Magnificent Ice Miracles

The miracles of nature on our planet are not to be counted, you just have to know where to find them! Here’s ten times a beautiful ICY miracle!

Blue River, Greenland – Go kayaking in Greenland! Because of meltwater on one side and refreezing water on the other the course of this river constantly changes. Even for locals this is what makes this exciting.


Glacier Waterfalls, Svalbard, Norway – This area is about 60.000 square kilometers, of which 60% is covered by a glacier. During warm seasons the meltwater causes waterfalls along  the edges of the glacier.

Crystal Cave, Iceland – This icecave has got a glacier inside! Meltwater on top f the glacier was looking for a way down and drag cavities under and in the ice, that way this cave arose.





Briksdal Gletjser, Noorway – This glacier is part of Jostedalsbreen National Park and visitors can even walk on it, but only when accompanied by an experienced guide! 

Birthday Canyon, Greenland – As water can grind a gap in earth and rock (grand canyon) it can also grind a gap in snow and ice. 
Elephant-Foot Glacier, Greenland – The impressive shape of this glacier was named after the foot of an elephant.
Frozen wave, Antarctica – This is not really a frozen wave. The name comes from the block of ice. For years and years small layers of water  have frozen on top, this way it gained its shape.

Striped Iceberg, Southern Ocean – Big pieces of ice that are covering the Poles are breaking off. This way iceberg appear. Through the contact between the salt water of the ocean and the ice stripes appear. They have all sorts of colours. It’s very impressive isn’t it?!

Icetower Mount Erebus, Antarctica – This active vulcano on Antarctica is a unique phenomenon. Fire and Ice meet!

Penitentes, Chile & Argentina – These ice peaks in this region are situated about 4 kilometers above sealevel, on the Andes Platform. According to studies these ‘spikes’ were formed by the unequal melting of a big ice placard. The Penitentes can grow up to 5 meters! It’s an unforgettable experience to walk through!