Most Bizar Fashionshows

Fashiondesigners can go crazy in their designs and create things that only exist in their mind. And yes, really create. For designers with a gigantic budget nothing is impossible. Here’s a selection of the most bizar fashionshows. From models on fire ’till a fashionshow in an airplane.

1. Catwalk underwater
In Korea ashiondesigner Park Sulnyeo wanted to do something very original with his traditional Korean outfits. His models jumped into an aquarium for his show.


2. Catwalk in an airplane
The Springcollection of Chanel 2012 was shown in an airplane in Paris! ‘Thank you for flying Chanel Airways. Please enjoy your flight.’ By the way: During the show the airplane never flew.


3. Catwalk on the Chinese Wall
In 2007 Karl Lagerfeld used The Chinese Wall as a catwalk for the Fendi fashionshow. Karl likes to overdo a show, but this combination was never shown before.


4. Models on Fire
In an Azian fashionshow in 2008 the models were on fire while walking the catwalk. Of course these models were trained to work with fire but it still was quite distracting…


5. Models with a Beard
During Berlin Fashionweek in 2012 Patrick Mohr came up with the innovating idea that it would be great to give the models hairy faces. Weird though if you ask me…


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