Bling in the rain!


From now on walk the rain instyle! No more singing in the rain, no, it’s blinging in the rain!

‘Il Marchesato’ makes exclusive high quality umbrellas with love and passion. The umbrellas are not only beautiful on the outside, but also have beautiful details on the inside. And for all the ladies who love some bling: they have beautiful Swarovski decorated umbrellas. Its a shame they don’t have a webshop, there are some umbrellas avaliable on Ebay, but that’s it. To buy one you have to contact them by email or phone. They also have umbrellas for men, bridal umbrellas, parasols and hats. Some of the products are for everyday use, others are nice for special occasions. Check out their website

Another Italian designer that blings his umbrellas with Swarovski crystals is Pasotti Ombrelli. Unfortunately they also don’t have a webshop, but you can find some umbrellas on different webshops like To see the full collection check They also have shoehorns and canes, Jennifer Lopez used one of their canes for her video ‘Get on the floor’ (ft Pitbull).