DIY Glitter Shoes!

Here it is! The DIY I promised you..I turned my old and worn ‘not so shite anymore’ sneakers into fashionable glitter shoes!


– Old pair of shoes, in any color you desire, depending on the color of glitters you wish to use. I chose White sneakers because of the silver/gold glitters.

– Glitters in one or more colors

– Glue, can be liquid glue, but I used a gluespray

Put the shoes in a box or bucket to prevent that your house will be fully glittered.

Select the colors for the glitters you wish to use.

After I used the cap of the spray to put in the glitters and mix them.

Shake well, so the glitters will be nicely mixed.

After this it’s more than easy, spray or strike the glue on the pieces you wish to turn into glittered parts, and sprinkle the glitters!

Make sure everything has got an equal amount of glitters on it.

Let it dry for a while. Then we have to reopen and clean the eyelets.

Let it dry for a few hours, spray a bit of hairspray to fixate the glitter, put the laces, and walk away!

Happy Glittering!