Most beautiful European Islands for your Holidays!

Looking for a traveldestinations for your holidays. Here are Europe’s best vacation islands!

Famous for its watersources.

Italian Island with a great history and kilometers long deserted beaches. I’ve been here myself last year and will post about that later, but I can tell you for now that it’s worth a visit, I loved it!

Offers you everything from expensive restaurants and wild nights out till deserted resorts!

Corsica is just so beautiful! The francophone population is very hospitable whether you are a famous European celebrity (and those you will see a lot here) or a  ‘normal’ tourist.

Canary Islands
Islands of the everlasting spring, temperatures of 22 degrees in winter and 30 in summer.

A Greek Island with lots of resorts for the youngsters. But who avoids the big cities will discover picturesque villages and beautiful nature.