Soleless Fashion: Astounding Lime-Peel Sculptural Shoe

Nowadays the trend to go back to nature and the beginning can also be noticed in the fashion industry. Fashion drawers go all the way back to their drawing tables and start from there. There are designers though, who g0 back there and actually stay there… a new compelling idea is born!

Take shoes, for example. London architect Julian Hakes took a completely fresh look at the very basics of shoe design one day in 2009…and suddenly, an internet phenomenon was unleashed.

The high heeled shoes now have all these elements that they actually don’t need. Hakes realized this and pointed out that all of the wearer’s weight is carried on the ball of the foot and the heel. So why is a full foot plate necessary? With this revelation in mind, he set out to design a shoe unlike anything the world had ever seen.

The architect began by wrapping his own foot in paper and tape and drawing various geometric designs on the paper and all around the contours of his foot. After carefully cutting the new shape off with a scalpel, Hakes was left with something that resembled a lime peel, so he dubbed his shoe design Mojito.

The experiment with the paper led Hakes to eventually producing the remarkable shoes seen here. The graceful, airy shape wraps around the foot, supporting the ball and heel and but leaving the arch tantalizingly exposed. Although discomfort has never stopped dedicated shoe lovers from wearing outrageous designs, everyone who has tried on a pair of Mojitos has called them “surprisingly comfortable.”