Experiences at high altitude!

No fear of heights? In for some adventures? Well here’s something for you. Whether you’re looking for a bizar food experience, a special way to aske your wife to marry you, or a business meeting that needs some fresh air to think things over… It’s all possible with Events in the sky. As said it’s only for people without fear of heights because you’ll go high, very high!

There can be a dinner, a lounge session, showbizz event, presentation or even… a marriage!

One of the ‘Dinner in the Sky’ restaurants is located in Brussels. This restaurant will bring you and 22 dinnerguests into the air on a location you wish for. This concept is a huge succes and therefor this experience can be taken in 16 countries all over the world!

It’s not cheap to do it though, but if you buckle of and are in for some adventure, well, give it a go!

A product presentation wth high impact!

Are you in for a special wedding, anything is possible! Make sure your guests won’t have fear of heights either!

Even a concert or a theatrical act in the sky can be arranged!

A party with a DJ



Or just take some time to chill out and relax in the Lounge in the Sky.




And play some cards