Love the Elephant Parade!

So since I have been busy like crazy these last few days with television recordings this is going to be a big big post. And it’s a bout a big big animal. Yes, the beautiful elephant!
Summer last year, while begin at Schiphol Airport for going on a holiday, and after at Kopenhagen Airport I saw some amazing statues. I immediately fell in love with it. Statues of elephants in different colours, shapes, poses, sizes and textures. And all this to save the Asian Elephant.
I really would love to have on of these statues in my home, so I will really invest in one of these (smaller) pieces of art in the future!

It is Elephant Parade’s mission to be the world’s largest financial support organization for the Asian elephant, threatened with extinction. The open air art exhibitions create worldwide attention, public awareness and support for the cause of elephant conservation: the elephant statues never go unnoticed by the wider public and mass media.

Baby Mosha

Elephant Parade’s concept s a unique combination of Art, Business andCharity. Art drives the value of the Elephant Parade: the life size elephant statues are exhibited in well-known cities and auctioned off at prestigious gala events. Smaller size hand painted limited edition replicas are sold in ‘Elephant Parade Gallery Stores’ and the Webshop. The more superior thequality of the Art, the more successful the Business, the higher the amounts raised for Charity.

Elephant Parade is not a charity, but it is probably the most charitable enterprise in the world. Part of all proceeds from Elephant Parade auctions and retail benefits various projects and organizations, dedicated to the conservation of the Asian elephant. To date, this unique concept made it possible to contribute over 4 million Euros to this goal, and is put to good use in projects varying from elephant hospitals and corridors to lobbying governments and research.

Many Asian elephants have been saved and cured, but there are still thousands more that need our support.

 The elephants are very big and the smaller replicas can be bought by you in the webshop or in the pop up shops.
The expositions are amazingly colourful and there is no way to walk around!
Look who came to visit…!
I took my inspiration from the elephant itself. Annabel is the name of an elephant that recently died in Emmen Zoo.