Hair Fashion, from headbands to haircuffs!

Hair Fashion, it’s a perfect way to bling up your outfit! It’s no longer just a headband to hold back the hair from your face, neither it’s only a matter of a simple hairpin. It’s all about Beautiful and stylish headbands. Sophisticated  hairchains and tough haircuffs…

Get inspired!

Cute Headbands

For the ultimate summer feeling!

Hairchains make you look sexy but also very sophisticated. It’s Chique but edgy!

Belle Noel, the jewellery line by Kim Kardashian contains this beautiful hairchain!

May be over the top, but may also be the goddess look!

Another trend is the haircuff, we’ve seen it all over the place in the last couple of months, and yes even H&M has it’s own version of it. Unfortunately it’s sold out sooooo fast. Luckily I was in time to get myself a copper one! Give your ponytail some glamour!