Mandarin Oriental Resort Riviera Maya, Mexico

It looks so perfect, it’s such natural beauty. Architect Gilberto Borja has designed the  Mandarin Oriental Resort Riviera Maya in Mexico and the result is making you speechless. It’s a luxury heaven on the Mexican beaches. Located set amid 36 acres of tropical forests, about 26 miles south of Cancun, Riviera Maya is the coastline south of Cancun. Cancun is guarantee name of world famous Mexican resort.

Luxury and nature come together in this resort. It’s overseeing the Carribean Sea and other lakes and it lets you discover the remains of the ancient Mayan civilization. It’s a really inspiring and entertaining place. A five star hotel, glorious spa using treatments from around the world, specializing in Mayan therapies, steaming room, swimmingpools and of course the gorgeous straw bale house a the main point of beauty. Each room has been designed to catch the amazing view of the sea and the beautiful natural garden by using glass walls.

Enjoy this piece heaven on earth!