Deya Atmosphere, Kolkata

Is it a cloud? Is it a club? No, it’s a club in the clouds! ‘Deya’, a giant sculpture hosting a club in suspension, amorphous in shape, just like a cloud, is set to adorn Calcutta’s skyline. Floating at 500ft, the crown jewel of the upcoming luxury residential condominium called Atmosphere on the EM Bypass (behind Science City) this is billed to be the first of its kind in the country. International design consultancy Web Structures has been called in to turn a spectacular vision of an iconic sculpture in the Indian sky into reality.

West Bengal developer Forum Projects has recruited the world’s leading earthquake engineering specialists to help create its dramatic cloud structure above the Kolkata skyline. Award-winning Singapore-based architect Arc Studio has designed the dramatic development, including Deya, seen as a first for India and described as a “sculpture in the sky”.
Suspended in the air like a cloud, Deya will span 60 metres and its four levels will house swimming pools, a gym, spa, squash and badminton courts, a jogging track and mini theatre. A golf driving range is also planned.

The exclusive sky-bridge will also have an open-air party deck and ampitheatre, along with multiple lounges and spaces for small gatherings.
The luxury towers will have a 400,000sq ft area with stylish villas in the sky. Work on the development, on a site off the Eastern Metropolitan bypass, is set to start soon.

A big part of constructing this beuilding has been earthquake engineering, allowing the safe construction of tall buildings in earthquake zones such as Kolkata. India’s third most populous city is also rated a high risk to damage from winds and cyclones – a major consideration for design-engineering skyscrapers. As part of the project and the testing process, a mock-up of the development is also being created in Singapore.