Contemporary Baroque Bathrooms

For me nothing is as romantic as a baroque printed item. It’s classy, stylish and yet so modern. Something we see since ages are the baroque mirrors and wallpapers. But what about blending modern shapes and furniture together with this famous baroque-style?
I think it’s a match made in heaven!

Classy but with a modern touch. The bathtub is a rectangle, an almost fairly shape.
But when you look closer you will find the lamps and their similar shape, the mathcing mirror.
This is how we make Modern and Classic come together.

On top and in style is this example! Baroque mirror (have I told you yet we can find it anywhere?)
The  lamps are even a bit kitsch and the pink flowers make it sweet as sugar. But notice the architectonic lines, the  rod
above the bath that holds the towels, the bath itself and the platform it’s standing on.  It’s an interior full
of contrasts. Also notice the endtable with the plant.. even the rustic style goes together with this trend!

Modern stylemeets baroque and ethnic in this interior. Notice the lamp and its specific
shape and decoration, and also the shadow on the left wall. The baroque counter goed really well with the
modern design of the chair and the walldecoration.

Here even the baroquestyle has had a make-over! It’s simplified and even more architectonic.
Though the colour still tells you the story. The lines of the counters, the chair, the mirror and the lamp make
modern style take the overhand.

Another hot trend! Animalprints with bright colours. And all this together in this example with, surprise, baroque!
I love the blend of crisp white and contrasting black, freshened up with bright purple. Also
notice the little detail, the white orchid. It’s all about details!

In a modern niche full of silver mosaic the ultimate baroquestyle can be found. For the people among us
who love the baroque style one more example. But this is a real total baroque one besides the modern circle
shaped niche. The claws-bath, the floor, the mirror, the counter and the curtains.
Everything is in style for  a sweet romantic bathroom!