DIY Hairchalking, go for the dip-dye trend!

If youread my previous post about the dip-dye trend you now know this is a huge hit!
You want to try that? Is permanent neon or sugarsweet a bit too much?

There ‘s an easy do it yourself technique called “HairChalking” which was also used in some of the fashionshows:

No bleaching, no permanent coloration, the only thing you need are pastels from the local hobby- or toysstore. Be aware you don’t but crayons with an oilbase but real pastels, those are soluble in water.

For example:


1. The best start is to take the pieces of  hair you want to give a color and to make them wet. This can be your ends, just some strands or even your roots. A warning for the blonds among us, make sure you’ll be careful with using bright or dark colors. Especially on bleached hair this technique may leave the color onto your hair without being able to wash it off. Be sure that if you want to try anyway you don’t put water on your hair before giving it a go.

2. Take the piece you want to color and start going over with the pastel you like. Make sure you don’t touch your clothes because in this stage some color might come off. If you want to be sure put a towel over your shoulders to protect your clothes.

3. Creativity has no limit. Take more colors, use shapes and make it as bright as you like.

4. You’re almost done, this is an important step. While coloring you can comb through for a more natural effect but be aware that by combing through the colour might come of and into your clothes, and afterwards don’t forget to spray a fairly large amount of hairspray on the colored parts to avoid the color to come off.

At the of the day you the color comes of with some water and if wanted some soap.

Enjoy your new, hot, temporarily hairdo!

See this Kandee Johnson video I posted for you for if you want to see how to do this.
Have fun!