Welcome to this new lifestyle blog, Lifestyle Amour!

Hello everybody and welcome to my blog!

My name is Danielle also called Dany and I am a violinist. Last 2 years I travelled all around the world for perfomances. From Nice, Cannes, Monaco, Lyon and Paris to Algiers, Hamburg, Geneva, Amsterdam, Marbella and Berlin.

Coming September I am planning on starting a study at Fontys called International Lifestyle Studies. Because of my interest in fashion, music, travelling, interior, nature, food and design and also because of my experience in these parts of our life I think this study will really suit me very well.

This blog is all about Lifestyle. Here you’ll find all the new finds in Fashion, Food, Interior, Travel and many many more things.
My inspiration comes from the trips I make in my professional life, but also from the small things I enjoy in daily and personal life.

I enjoy very much travelling, food, nature, fashion, interior and everything that can influence me in my life, my feeling and my way of thinking. On this blog you will herefor find all kinds of stuff. It will not be limited to one of these aspects, but will contain it all. I love to see how the clouds can be imminent, how the sun sets and how nature evolves. I love to see how a romantic or industrial interior can influence you and your feeling in just a second of time. I love to see how fashion can make people feel special, different and how it can shape people and give them an identity. And next to all this I am interested in other cultures, I think this is something that can bring all the things above together.

This is where I get my inspiration from…

This is my online business card to you so enjoy and don’t hesitate to contact me!

xoxo Dany